14. Brian Shabaglian「Three Hour Image」

会期:2016年 2月20日(土)17:00〜20:00
会場:KABEGIWA(263 Wyckoff Ave 2L, Brooklyn, NY 11237 USA)
印刷物デザイン:川村格夫(ten pieces)

One-Day Only. Saturday, February 20, 2016, 5:00 – 8:00 PM
263 Wyckoff Ave #2L, Brooklyn, NY 11237
Art works by Brian Shabaglian
Graphic Design by Tadao Kawamura(ten pieces)
Organized by Kabegiwa 

Brian Shabagliangは、私がこの1年間のNY滞在で出会ったartistの一人だ。彼との出会いは私にとって幸運なことだったと思う。私が彼の作品を実際に体験できた機会は1回だけだが、それはとても直接的で具体的な体験であった。その時の彼の作品はスピーカーからとても低い音域(私にはそう感じられた)を大音量で流すというものだった。その作品を「体験」する際、私は、彼から、そのスピーカーの前に「対面する」ことを促されたように記憶している。その作品は、音響からは遠く、視覚表現とも違う。その時、私は音の圧力を受け止めていたのだと思う。もしくは「音の質量を見ていた」のだと言い換えてもいい。彼の作品は、私たちの視覚には映らないが実際に存在しているものを、別の感覚を経由することで「見えない状態のまま見える」ようにしている。彼は、その為のメディウムとして(キャンバスや絵の具、筆のようなものとして)、サウンドやオブジェを用いている。私は、彼の作品から圧力、振動、断面、湿度などの行為や現象を想起する。これらの言葉からは、一般的には、具体的な体験を想像することができるが、具体的な形象を想像することはできないだろう。このことは、彼の芸術活動の特徴を表しているように私には思われる。今回の展示において、彼は私の住居の一部屋を使って、3時間の展示を行う。観客も恐らくごく僅かな人数に限られる。この条件は、私が、彼の作品をより理解する為に今回の展示を行うことを企画した際に、私が思いついたことだが、彼はこの提案を作品の具体的な要素として取り込んでくれた。私は、この展示を観客の一人として「見ることができる」ことを幸運に感じている。


Brian Shabaglian is one of the artists whom I have met during my one-year residency in NYC. I think that this encounter is very lucky for me. Although my actual experiencing his artwork was only one time which was very direct and concrete. His piece in that occasion was the stream of a low-pitched noise in mega-volume from the speakers. (At least I felt this way) When I “experience” his piece, I remember I was encouraged by him to “confront” with the the speaker’s facade. That piece was way to remote from the regular acoustics nor same as the visual expression. I feel I was capturing the pressure of sound. Or I could also say “I was perceiving the volume of the sound”. His piece enables to “visualize the invisible state “ that is not projected on our perception despite of the real existence of things recognized through our different sensation. He uses the sounds or physical objects for expressing this sensation (as a canvas, paint or brushes). From his piece, I recall action or phenomena such as the pressure, vibration, a section and humid. From these words, it is generally impossible to imagine the concrete physical shapes though we may imagine the tangible experience. I feel that these seem to illustrate his artistic activity. In this exhibition, he will show his piece for three hours in the corner of my apartment so the number of audiences would be limited. This curatorial condition was my idea in order to further understand his art while he is willing to engages in this suggestion as his tangible element of his showcasing artworks. I am grateful to “be able to see” this exhibition as one of the spectators.

Motohiro Tomii (KABEGIWA, Care taker)

Translated by Yasue Maetake

Brian Shabaglian is, it is one of the artist that I met in NY stay of this year. I think I met with him was that fortunate for me. The opportunity that I was able to actually experience his work just once, but it was a very direct and concrete experience. ? Was that his work of that time is passing a very low range from the speaker (it felt so to me) at high volume. When you “experience” its work, I, from him, are stored as prompted that the “face-to-face to” in front of the speaker. His work, far from the acoustic, also different with the visual representation. I think at that time, and he and I had caught the pressure of the sound. Or good to paraphrase and he “was looking at the mass of sound”. His work, our what you are but not reflected actually exist in the visual, so that “visible remains invisible” in going through the different senses. He is, as a medium of the order (canvas and paints, as a kind of brush), we are using the sound and objects. I want to recall pressure from his work, vibration, cross-section, the acts and phenomena such as humidity. From these words, in general, although it is possible to imagine a specific experience, you will not be able to imagine a specific shape. This is, to me seems to represent the characteristics of his artistic activities. In this exhibition, he uses one room of my residence, make an exhibition of 3 hours. The audience also probably limited to a very small number of people. This condition, I, when it is planning to carry out this exhibition in order to better understand his work, but what I came up with, he is me incorporate this proposal as a specific element of the work It was. I feel lucky that “can be seen” this exhibition as one of the audience.

Motohiro Tomii (KABEGIWA, Care taker)

Translated by Google Translation

* 上記、2本の英訳テキストは、ひとつは日本文執筆者の冨井と作家の共通の友人でアーティストでもある、前竹安江氏によって作家の為に訳されたもの。もうひとつは作家が意図的に検索サイト「Google」に搭載されている翻訳機能を使って訳したものです。作家は意図的に翻訳機能を用いて二つ目の英訳文を作成し、日本語原文と最初の英訳文を合わせた「3本の同じテキスト」を自身の展覧会の告知(HP、フライヤー)に掲載しました。

* These two texts were translated in English and put on the announcement ad of our exhibition (artist’s website and our flyer) along with the original Japanese text. One of the texts was translated by Ms. Yasue Maetake who is an artist and a friend of ours.  The other text was translated by Google Translation.